Sunday, January 2

6:00-8:00 pm   Opening Reception ‒ Bill’s Grill (Canyon Café if rain)


Monday, January 3

7:30-8:25 am   Breakfast ‒ Catalina Ballroom if rain

Sponsored in part by Incyte


Session 1 ‒ Carbohydrate and Nucleotide Enzymology ‒ Salon B/C                        

Chair ‒ Robert Cicchillo (Corteva Agriscience)


8:25       Welcome

8:30       Karen Allen (Boston University)

                Structure-guided insight into function, mechanism and evolution in bacterial glycoconjugate synthesis

9:05       Danica Fujimori (University of California at San Francisco) virtual

                Insights into molecular basis of antibiotic resistance through directed evolution of an rRNA methylating      enzyme

9:40       Hung-wen Liu (University of Texas)

                Mechanistic and evolutionary insights from the redox interchangeability of two homologous twitch radical  SAM enzymes


10:15-10:45 am   Coffee Break – Grand Ballroom Foyer

Sponsored in part by Janssen Pharmaceutica

Session 2 ‒ Defense Mechanisms in Diverse Settings  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Amy Weeks (University of Wisconsin)


10:45    Sarah O’Connor (Max Planck Institute) virtual

                Harnessing the chemistry of plant natural product biosynthesis

11:20     Tyler Grove (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

                Viperin: a genome encoded pharma company

11:55     Drake Mellott (Agios)     

                Drug discovery and kinetics in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and SARS-CoV-2


12:30 pm   Lunch (not provided)


3:00-5:00 pm   Poster Session (Odd numbered posters; cash bar) – Grand Ballroom Foyer and Salon A

Supported in part by a grant from Genentech, a member of the Roche Group

Session 3 ‒ Metallobiochemistry and the Microbiome  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Kylie Allen (Virginia Tech)


7:00       Emily Balskus (Harvard University)

                Enzyme discovery in microbes and microbiomes

7:35       Rachelle Copeland (Codexis) virtual

                Production of ethylene and other platform chemicals by an unusual iron- and 2-(oxo)glutarate-dependent oxygenase

8:10       Poster talk: Kenichi Yokoyama (Duke University)

                Cryptic phosphorylation-mediated divergent biosynthesis of high-carbon nucleoside antifungal antibiotics

8:25       Steven Mansoorabadi (Auburn University)

                C-ing is believing: characterization of a novel heme oxygenase from Paracoccus denitrificans


Tuesday, January 4

7:30-8:30 am                    Breakfast ‒ Cascade Terrace or Lounge (Catalina Ballroom if cold/rain)

Supported in part by Corteva Agriscience


Session 4 ‒ New Roles for Old Cofactors  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Kristin Koutmou (University of Michigan)


8:30       Katherine Ryan (University of British Columbia) virtual

                Pyridoxal phosphate-dependent reactions in natural products biosynthesis

9:05       Founders Award lecture

                Antonio Del Rio Flores (University of California at Berkeley)

                Biosynthesis of triacsin featuring an N-hydroxytriazene pharmacophore

9:40       Tributes by John Gerlt (virtual), Don Hilvert (virtual), Danica Fujimori (virtual), Tom Meek, and Chris Whitman.


10:15-10:45 am   Coffee Break – Grand Ballroom Foyer

Sponsored in part by Biogen


Session 5 ‒ Posttranslational Modifications  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Mark Walker (University of New Mexico)


10:45     Vahe Bandarian (University of Utah)

                 Discovery and mechanistic studies of radical SAM RiPP maturases

11:20     Douglas Mitchell (University of Illinois)

                Thioamidation of peptide backbones

11:55     Albert Bowers (University of North Carolina)

                 Improving enzymatic efficiency through designer incorporation of a substrate recognition domain


12:30 pm   Lunch (not provided)


3:00-5:00 pm   Poster session II  (Even numbered posters; cash bar) – Grand Ballroom Foyer and Salon A

Supported in part by a grant from Gilead


Session 6 ‒ Tools, Machines, and Engineering  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Andrew Buller (University of Wisconsin)


7:00       Ruben Gonzalez, Jr. (Columbia University) virtual

                From fluctuations to function: The role of structural dynamics in the mechanism and regulation of translation

7:35       John McIntosh (Merck) virtual

                Biocatalytic synthesis of nucleoside and nucleotide therapeutics

8:10       Poster talk: Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb (University of Michigan)

                Design principles for Rieske oxygenase chemistry

8:25       Dan Herschlag (Stanford University) virtual

                New tools for new and old questions in enzymology


Wednesday, January 5


7:30-8:30 am                    Breakfast ‒ Cascade Terrace or Lounge (Catalina Ballroom if cold/rain)

Session 7 ‒ Natural Product Biosynthesis  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Vinayak Agarwal (Georgia Tech University)


8:30       Bradley Moore (Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UCSD)

                New terpene synthase lineages discovered from the ocean

9:05       Bo Li (University of North Carolina)

                Biosynthesis of fluopsin C, a copper-containing antibiotic from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

9:40       Poster talk Takayoshi Awakawa (University of Tokyo) virtual 

                ß-NAD as a building block in natural product biosynthesis

9:55       Poster talk Anushree Mondal (Texas A&M University)

                A remarkable suicide enzyme in thiamin pyrimidine biosynthesis in yeast


10:10-10:45 am   Coffee Break – Grand Ballroom Foyer

Sponsored in part by a grant from Abbvie


Session 8 ‒ Enzymes in Cell Biology  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Jeffrey Rudolf (University of Florida)


10:45     Benjamin Cravatt (Scripps Research) virtual

                Activity-based proteomics – ligand and target discovery on a global scale

11:20     Ruma Banerjee (University of Michigan) virtual

                Sulfide signaling and complex II reversal using fumarate as a terminal electron acceptor

11:55     Tina Iverson (Vanderbilt University)

                Alternatively assembled SDHA subunit of mitochondrial complex II in protein maturation and catalytic  regulation


12:30-2:00 pm   Box Lunch – Grand Ballroom Foyer or take outside or to room

Supported in part by Merck


Session 9 ‒ Everything We Love about Enzymes  ‒ Salon B/C

Chair ‒ Chi Ting (Brandeis University)


2:00       Poster talk: Johannes Rudolph (University of Colorado)

               A self-modifying enzyme gets a friend: the convoluted enzymology of PARP1 and HPF1

2:15      Donald Hilvert (ETH Zürich) virtual

               Design and evolution of artificial metalloenzymes

2:50      Dorothee Kern (Brandeis University)

              Time travel to the past and future – evolution of energy landscapes for enzyme catalysis

3:25      Frank Raushel (Texas A&M University)

               Biosynthesis of the capsular polysaccharide from Campylobacter jejuni


Closing Banquet

6:00-7:00 pm   Reception with hors-d’oeuvres – Grand Ballroom Foyer

7:00                    Banquet Grand Ballroom B/C

Audio and Visual costs are supported in part by Pfizer


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