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Founders Award


Tom Bruice, Bill Jencks, and Myron Bender, as a mechanism to foster collegial interactions within the community of chemists and biochemists interested in understanding the chemical basis for enzymatic catalysis and the regulation of enzyme action, founded the Enzyme Mechanisms Conference in 1969. The passing of William P. Jencks on January 5, 2007, coincided with the 20th meeting of the Enzyme Mechanisms Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, and this loss was felt keenly by many senior participants at that conference. The interest in recognizing Bill’s many contributions to mechanistic enzymology, in a manner that would help to ensure the vibrancy of the community that he helped to create, resulted in the creation of the “Founders Travel Award,” which consists of travel support up to $2,000 for the participation of one student or postdoc at each Enzyme Mechanisms Conference.



Recipient must be a PhD student or a postdoctoral fellow, who is registered for EMC 2024. Finalists identified from the 3-minute flash talk competition will invited to submit application materials as detailed below.



1. Applicants submit all required information via the link below as a single PDF file, including a CV, and their EMC presentation abstract. Please name the file in such a manner as to identify the applicant; Example, John.Smith.pdf. 

2. A letter of nomination from someone familiar with the applicant’s scientific contributions (PhD advisor or postdoctoral mentor) should be emailed separately to Graham and/or Audrey.  


To be considered for the award, all material, including a nomination letter, must be received by November 19, 2023.

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